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Vacuum Super Insulation

Flat stainless steel clad panels using a patented edge technology enabling high temperatures to be accommodated. Current designs expect to achieve temperature ranges of between -150C and 600C. The panels are very light and strong.

Vacuum Super Insulation Panel (VSI)
In almost any area where insulation is required:
  • The VSI will give better insulation with a much thinner and lighter panel
  • It can operate in the range -150°C to 600°C - applications therefore include:
    • industrial furnaces
    • commercial and domestic ovens
    • refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated distribution
    • warehouse construction, etc
    • Solar Panels
  • Processes and products using the VSI will be more efficient; with shorter cycle times
  • they will therefore use less fossil fuel and power
  • CO2 emissions are reduced and consequently help in reducing global warming

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