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EISG have created a joint venture company with CCT (Hinkley) Ltd who are part of the award winning Sertec group. This company is called Automated manufacturing Processes Ltd.(A.M.P.'s). The purpose of this company is to create all of the tooling and Machinery needed to get our product's into production. We are currently on target for getting our products out on sale in the first half of 2007 & are continuing to work hard to make sure that we keep to that target.

Solar thermal electric is ideal for Middle East and North Africa

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, October 19, 2005 (Refocus Weekly) There are “no technical, economic or resource barriers to supplying 5% of the world’s electricity needs from solar thermal power by 2040,” concludes a report prepared by the European Solar Thermal Industry Association, European Solar Thermal Industry Association, IEA SolarPACES and Greenpeace International.

“The solar thermal industry is capable of becoming a dynamic, innovative Euro 16.4 billion annual business within 20 years, unlocking a new global era of economic, technological and environmental progress,” explains ‘Concentrated Solar Thermal Power - Now!’, even through global demand for electricity is expected to double during that period. By 2025, the industry will employ 54,000 people and have avoided the emission of 362 Mt of carbon into the atmosphere, equivalent to the annual emission of Japan.

“Solar thermal power is a relatively new technology which has already shown enormous promise,” it notes. “With few environmental impacts and a massive resource, it offers a comparable opportunity to the sunniest countries of the world as offshore windfarms are currently offering to European nations with the windiest shorelines. By 2040, more than 5% of the world’s electricity demand could be satisfied by solar thermal power.”

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(Excerpts of an Article published in Refocus The International Renewable Energy Magazine.)

Funds to promote renewable energy

Funds will help communities generate their own energy A £30m funding package aimed at promoting renewable electricity sources and reducing carbon emissions is to be unveiled by the energy minister. Local community projects and individuals will be given funding to generate their own electricity.

Labour MP Malcolm Wicks will reveal the details later at the launch of the Energy Futures Lab in London.

He said individuals and communities could "make their own contribution to tackling climate change".

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(Excerpts of an Article published on Wednesday, 2 November 2005, 03:34 GMT in the BBC World News section of their web site.)

Concepts for a low carbon future
By Richard Black Environment Correspondent, BBC News website

On one side of London, the UK's environment secretary Margaret Beckett was outlining the threat of climate change to energy and environment ministers from a further 19 nations.

"There is more evidence that the oceans are warming, that a long-term reduction in Arctic ice cover is accelerating, and that the strength of hurricanes has increased in the last 30 years," she said.

Technology, she declared, would be essential in making the transition to a low carbon economy - which might ameliorate, if not eliminate, these ills.

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(Excerpts of an Article published on Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 20:54 GMT in the BBC World News section of their web site.)
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