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About Energy International Systems Ltd.

EIS designs and develops hi-tech solar power products and technologies to overcome the energy problems involving fossil fuels. These technologies range from the original product – a flat plate heat pipe – to the solar-powered air-conditioning prototype which has been running successfully in Greece and is now ready for manufacture. In its R&D Centre in South Wales, EIS has developed a special ‘selective coating’ production line and Vacuum Super Insulation manufacturing processes.

The Alternative Energy markets represent one of the largest investment opportunities of modern times. Concerns about the global environment are at historical highs due to changes in weather patterns around the globe which have heightened awareness of global warming effects and have made alternative energy systems an economic issue and not merely an environmental one.

The EIS Group of Companies

Energy International Systems Group Ltd is the holding company for a group of ethical companies whose aims are to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and global warming through the application of green and renewable energy technologies. To this end the SolMax® trade mark was registered to market a range of products through its various subsidiaries.

    Energy International Systems Ltd (EIS) is a United Kingdom registered company created in 1996 to further develop advanced thermodynamic technologies protected by UK, EU and International patents.

    Superline Ltd was registered in 2002 and is the manufacturing arm of the group responsible for producing the Vacuum Super Insulation Panels.

    Hodkinson Holt Ltd was registered in 2003 and is responsible for the installation, marketing and sales of Solar systems on a global basis

    Automated Manufacturing Processes Ltd (A.M.P's) was registered in 2005 as a Joint Venture company with CCT (Hinkley) Ltd, part of the award winning Sertec Group. This company is responsible for creating all the tooling and machinery needed to manufacture all the special EIS products.

Investment opportunity

To fulfil their objectives EIS is seeking manufacturing partners throughout the world to reduce our capital expenditure requirements. It is anticipated that marketing and distribution will be conducted through some very well known retailers and installation groups with whom the company is in negotiations at this time. EIS continues to seek grant and investment monies to improve the time horizon for providing complete integrated energy solutions to a world market that needs them NOW!

EIS believes that elevated energy costs, global warming and other environmental concerns provide a perfect environment for elevated returns on investment


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