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EIS 1000 Solar Thermal Panel

Incorporating Thin Membrane Heat Pipes, VSI and the Selective Surface technologies makes the EIS 1000 probably the best panel in the world of its type.

These panels will:
  • Reach higher operating temperatures yet maintain efficiency
  • Are thinner in construction and are much lighter than conventional solar thermal panels
  • Modular roof sections and 'curtain walling' products are possible
Therefore even in low sunlight areas the panels can
  • Significantly reduce costs of heating domestic water
  • Reduce central heating system costs

In hotter environments the panels will provide energy to power air conditioning:

  • To provide an ethically responsible, comfortable atmosphere and still reduce global warming
  • At a more basic level it will enable people to serve or sell cold drinks without any other power supply
corner of EIS 1000 before coating is applied
Solar panel detail
EIS 1000 panel with special coating
Selective surface coated solar panel
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