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EIS Patented Technologies

The EIS technologies have already been successful in winning two DTI Smart awards and two European Craft grants, with other grants bringing the total to nearly £2 million.

The latest of these was to support development of the solar thermal panel & VSI to run Solar Thermal Powered Air Conditioning without the need for an electricity supply.

Further work will enable the Group to develop a Combined Heat & Power System to make a property independent of external services for all heat, cooling and power; the final system could also be made to produce hydrogen for powering vehicles with the possibility of pure drinking water should it be required.

Thin Membrane Heat Pipes:

Specially made using very thin materials that enable large flat, multiple parallel heat pipes to be made. This enables very efficient heat transfers to be made up to 8kW/mē and potentially 800kW/m3. (See patent)

Selective Coating:

A special coating has been developed which will be used to coat the Thin Membrane Heat Pipes. This coating has now been made available on thin nickel foil achieving a high Absorptivity of between 95 and 99% and Emissivity of 4 to 10%, with typical values of 96% and 7% respectively.

In addition to the capital already invested, additional investment is sought by EIS Group Ltd (Inc) to speed up the development of these and additional technologies. Compared to other so called environmentally friendly, renewable energies such as wind energy, our technologies require significantly less investment to develop and produce.

Fred G Best & Adam Hart-Davis click to enlarge
Fred G Best receiving DTI Award from Adam Hart-Davis
Press article click to enlarge
Slough Express Article about EIS winning Smart Award for innovation on 22/08/02
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